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Meet my son….

Ryan Lewis Merritt is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and musician. Check out his website to see his short films as well as scripts for film, television and a catalog of over 200 original songs as a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. I am very proud to call this wonderful man my son.

Our granddaughter Tina wrote this book for her 99 year old Danish grandmother. Great job, Tina!

Jodi’s book “Venny and Ecco the Lucky Cats” is a great book and has plenty of activities at the end of the book for children of all ages.

Lyndi Allison’s new release “The Lines Between Our Stars” . Read about when a dragon-snake slithers into the lab where fifteen-year old Jas volunteers. This book will get any young adult readers attention. Not just for teenagers, this book is being enjoyed by adults too.

Diane’s experiences in retiring and making a home in Panama is humorous and a wonderful resource for anyone desiring to relocate to this beautiful country.

Jason’s inspiring story of forgiving. Awesome, Jason!

Check out Jean C. Gordon’s Romance Books.  Great job, Jean.
🍃🍁🍂 ”Talk to the Authors
at the Grace United Methodist Church, Ravena, NY
Fall Festival
. Check out all of Jean C. Gordon’s books, they are awesome. 🍃🍁🍂
Author Jeff Delbel

Jeff Delbel penned these two books. “Jimmy Eagleson” is a high-power, high-living lawyer with more money than he can spend, but life isn’t good.

Salvatore Esposito is rich, brilliant, and built like a gladiator, but he battles powerful demons. His past torments him with nightmares. ” Salvatore” is the second novel in the “Jimmy Eagleson “ series.

Kate’s Gift is a moving story of deep friendship, easy to sink into, hard to put down. Helping people deal with their history and problems is Psychologist Kate O’Connell’s area of expertise. Set in familiar and beautiful surroundings of Lake Champlain, “Camp” is a fixture in her friend’s lives. There they will explore each friend’s deep secrets and Kate will give them all peace of mind and peace with each other. Then just as things seem to settle, a friend from the past shows up with an astonishing surprise.

Kate’s Gift is the third of the Jimmy Eagleson Stories. Each book stands beautifully on its own, but a description of the settling and characters is included for those who have not yet been introduced or wish to refresh memories.

By panamajojo

Welcome to my website designed to tell the world about my award-winning Granny Books. I split my time between the country of Panama and Upstate New York. I am an author of children’s books and I have published two books. “Granny Mouse Ears” was my first book inspired by 1 Samuel 16:7 and “Granny’s Trilogy” is my second inspirational children’s book where you will find several biblical verses referenced.

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