Many thanks to all my relatives and friends that have shown an interest in my children’s books!

My son Ryan. Ry has been an inspiration to me. Check out his website
Book signing at Picasso’s Tuesday Market in Coronado, Panama
My niece Lisa’s Learning Lab Group Family Daycare enjoyed hearing the story of “Granny Mouse Ears”
RCS Community Library
My local library in Ravena, NY with son Ryan and dear friends Nancy and Alicia
Kelly reads to her grandchildren
Beach Business Networking Speakers at Nazca 21 in Coronado, Panama
1st Book signing in Albany, NY.
My grandson Julius enjoying my first published book.
Thanks Rose for the felt pieces commemorating my first published children’s book “Granny Mouse Ears”
My granddaughter, Miss Mae
My grandson Julius……he is my best proofreader!
My granddaughter, Jocelyn
⚓️ My Captain Al……thanks to my wonderful husband for all his support in making my dreams come true! ⚓️
My Goddaughter Lori, she’s always there for me!
Fun at the Women’s Expo in Windham, NY
Great long-time friends, Tootie and Rosemary
My wonderful friend, Nancy. Her grandson Jensen loves this book!
My granddaughter Acacia is so proud of her “Granny”.
My granddaughter Jocelyn giving me “thumbs up”. 👍
My grandchildren Tyson and Jocelyn reading “Granny Mouse Ears” for the first time.
My BFF Theresa seeing my book for the first time!
Thanks Captain Al for helping me set up for the craft shows.
Dorothee from Coronado Concierge can help you with all your questions about trips and of course t-shirts!
Thanks Linda and Annette for the fantastic dresses that you make and I wear to most of my appearances promoting my books.
Jeff & his books. “The Flight of Jimmy Eagleson” and “Salvatore”. What an inspiration he is to me! I can’t wait to read his new book being released soon.
“Granny Mouse Ears” is a favorite!
“Granny’s Trilogy” is acknowledged, too!
My friends from Bulgaria and Luxembourg, always lots of laughs when we get together.
Three of my grandkids with their other Grandmother, Sandi
Thank you, Louise and CASA for all of your support in Panama!
Lyndi, thanks for all your advice about writing and promoting my books. Best wishes to you on your new book release “The Lines Between Our Stars”.
Thanks Martha Ann and David
Thanks, Gloria!
Thanks, Beryl
Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) in Coronado, Panama….great job on my poster!
Selling books in Panama!
My BFF Theresa reading to her grandkids Caroline and Palmer
Gina, Thanks for always being so interested in my writing, especially my children’s books. Since you are such a fantastic cook and baker, maybe we should write a children’s cookbook together!
Thanks, Cheryl
My niece Michele getting her home library ready for Xander and Evelyn
Thank you Shinnosuke and Seitaro for translating “Granny Mouse Ears” into the Japanese language.
Our long-time friend and foreign exchange student from Japan in 1963-1964. Thanks Atsuko Takase (Sukie) for inspiring your students to translate “Granny Mouse Ears” into the Japanese language. I’m honored!
Thank you Hindi’s Libraries for collecting and donating new and gently used children’s books to more than 400 organizations throughout the world. Keep up the great work in making sure kids have books to read.
Lorena……at Picasso’s in Coronado, Panama. She made an early purchase of “Granny Mouse Ears” before for her daughter, Juliet was born.
My #5 sister Kathie and her granddaughter Ariana
My great granddaughter Alani gets her very own autographed copy of “Granny Mouse Ears” in Florida.
My #2 son Adam helping me out in the Catskills Mountains of New York
Lots of support in Windham, NY. Many thanks, SF Carolyn, Willy, Gerry, Adam and Al
Sold out of books at the Women’s Expo in the Catskill Mountains of New York, Summer of 2019
“Granny’s Trilogy” was an Independent Press Award pick for their 2020 Distinguished Favorites.
Kirsten and Kaya love these books!
Walk, run, drive, fly, hike or bike to get your autographed copy of “Granny Mouse Ears” and “Granny’s Trilogy”
Patrick from England. I hope to meet you, your Mum and sister someday!
My beautiful granddaughter Tina with her first book “The Reign of the Dane” written for her dear 99 year old grandmother Adelina aka Mommor.
I’m so proud of you, Tina!
Three of our grandchildren and their Mom Jane enjoying Tina’s story about her Danish grandmother.
The Sippel 5 love “The Reign of the Dane”
These three grand kids loved Tina’s recently published book “The Reign of the Dane”
Sister #6 Annie and Sister #4 Marion at the Book Signing for me,…. I am Sister #7
Our Church’s Fall Festival “Meet the Authors”. Best wishes Jean Gordon. Your books are delightful.
Book signing at The Living World Parable Christian Book Store in Latham, NY
Home town Library
RCS Community Library with dear friends Nancy and Alicia.
“Granny’s Trilogy” Independent Press Award in 2020
Layla and Roman in Northampton, England enjoying “Granny Mouse Ears”
A wonderful gift from Bulgaria to autograph my books.
Thanks Gayle and Steve. It is always great seeing you at Sunday River.
Sheila, I hope your grandkids like this book. My grandkids loved it!
And this is how my books got to Bulgaria. Thanks, Dimitri, Anjela, Maria and Vesela!
A dear friend of many many years……love ya, Joan
Nice notes from the students in Japan. They translated “Granny Mouse Ears” into the Japanese language for kids living there to enjoy.
My #1 Cheerleader the past 24 years. Thanks, Sue!
Carolyn, my PR person! Love ya, Sister Friend.
Special pen to autograph my books. Thank you Maria and Vesela and the gang from Bulgaria.
Patrick, my fan from England.
Look who I autographed four books for! Thanks Dean.
Carol Ann and Ron, thanks for your support! 💕
Carleen & Brad, thanks for making the drive from Massachusetts to attend my book signing. It was great having you there
Reading at an elementary school in Canajoharie, NY
This school teacher arranged to have me read to first graders at her school in Canajoharie, NY. Thank you Holly. I look forward to returning to read my second book to the classes.
Miss Mae reading my second published book
Sooz reading to her grandchildren 💕
📚 My daughter Celeste and her youngest daughter, Acacia. They love to read together. 📚
Ryan, a writer, producer and director but most importantly to me, he is my son. I’m so proud of you Ry and thanks for being at both of my book signings.
Book signing at The Living Word Parable Christian Book Store in Latham, NY
My grandchildren love to read!
Thanks Sue for sharing my books with so many others.
Reading to classes in Schenectady, NY. Thanks Jessica for arranging it all.
My neighbors in Panama promoting my books.
Book signing for “Granny’s Trilogy”
Sally Jean’s family enjoying “Granny’s Trilogy”
Here’s another “Granny” reading to her granddaughter.
My first born son, David. I loved reading to him. Dave, thanks for inspiring me to write and for sending me the message from Heaven for “Granny Mouse Ears”. 1 Samuel 16:7

By panamajojo

Welcome to my website designed to tell the world about my award-winning Granny Books. I split my time between the country of Panama and Upstate New York. I am an author of children’s books and I have published two books. “Granny Mouse Ears” was my first book inspired by 1 Samuel 16:7 and “Granny’s Trilogy” is my second inspirational children’s book where you will find several biblical verses referenced.

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